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Fishing for Barramundi on the Mitchell River in the North Kimberley of Western Australia.

Fishing for Barramundi on the Mitchell river in the North kimberley of Western Australia.

Fishing for Payara in Northern Brazil.

"The Fishing Wild team travel to the Zambezi river and come away with some impressive catches of tiger fish (also known as striped water dog) up to 7kg on both lure and fly".

The Fishing Wild team continue their exploration of new tigerfish grounds into Zimbabwe's stunning Sadinda Gorge

Col Roberts and the Fishing Wild team experience incredible sight fishing conditions, casting to big peacocks on nests in shallow water

The Fishing Wild team experience some great big peacock bass action on choppers, jigs and swimming plugs.

The Fishing Wild team concentrate on the inshore waters of the Montebello Islands and catch some hooter mangrove jacks to 7kg.

The fishing Wild team fish the Montebello Islands and Tryal Rocks for big wahoo, Spanish mackerel and GTs.

Col Roberts and his mates in a piscatorial tug of war attempting to extract big barra out of awesome looking snags.

The Fishing Wild team travel to the remote Farquhar Island Group in the Seychelles and experience mind blowing bonefish action.
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