Here are twelve reasons why you should advertise with us:

1. Fishing Wild is the first fully dedicated fishing travel magazine - covering most fishing methods but primarily lure and fly.

2. Fishing Wild is a totally different concept to other existing magazines. Fishing Wild provides the most in depth coverage of stories ever seen in an Australian fishing publication. Other publications provide superficial coverage of a story over 4 or 5 pages. Our stories will regularly extend from 12-20 pages providing comprehensive details to the reader.

3. Our fact files provide pertinent, relevant information to readers so that they can make informed decisions on whether to travel to a destination, with the 5 star assessments at the end of the fact file - provided without fear, favour or affection.

4. Fishing Wild has raised the bar in respect of fishing photography. We have set the highest standard of photography in not only Australia but the world.

5. No other magazine - with their limited page allocations - can hope to provide the photographic spreads that we do. We are at the cutting edge of photography with many innovative underwater, macro and aerial perspectives not seen in other publications.

6. Fishing Wild is fast becoming known as the fishing version of National Geographic magazine.

7. Articles are commissioned rather than unsolicited to maintain high standards. We only use writers and photographers that are able to meet our high performance criteria and standards.

8. The magazine is printed on the highest quality 130gsm gloss art paper to do justice to the articles and advertisers product.

7. We publish only twice per year to ensure we can maintain high standards and limit the number of adverts to ensure an uncluttered lay-out and prominence to our advertisers products.

8. Fishing Wild will become a collectable and not simply discarded like many other monthly magazines. This means that advertisers products will be viewed by more people and remain in the market place for a longer period of time than other publications.

9. We seek out new and unexplored destinations to fish that have never appeared in print before.

10. We will undertake readers trips to various new destinations(under the extra guidance of a writer.) Readers accompanying the trips will have the opportunity to sample some advertisers products

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